How to Create a Natural and Magnetic Confidence

Have you ever known a man who seems to have self-confidence made of steel? Think back on that particular man and try to come up with a situation where he wasn’t confident. You might’ve been able to think of at least one. 

He may have contained himself quite well in front of a crowd and had all the charisma in the world but perhaps he was timid in his private life or maybe he doubted his skills in the kitchen. In some cases you might have to hang him off a cliff to figure out where he doesn’t have confidence. 


Girl and a guy at a table

Gaining Confidence

There is no single person on earth doesn’t have at least one area in their life where they are completely confident. You might be very confident in one of your hobbies, your relationship with your mother, your career, for some aspect of yourself. Even men that are able to hold down a woman have confidence in one area of their life. You might know someone who is a CEO of a large corporation but continues to fail with women. In business everybody is interested in him. And this holds true for people who possess  confidence in any part of their life. Have you ever met someone who continues to fail at dating women and somehow can’t avoid always being put in the friend zone and yet when you see him interacting with you while doing one of his favorite hobbies he’s an expert and has all the confidence in the world. My question why that confidence can’t simply translate and why in this one area of his life everybody respects him and is interested in him. 

What You are Good At

Think about the things that you are really good at. Are you good enough at something in your life that you could teach others? Can you draw attention from other people and keep them interested in this particular subject? If so then get rid of any doubt you have about not having magnetic confidence. You have the charisma inside of you and it is just waiting to grow.

The reason you made this purchase is because you lack the confidence to properly approach and engage with women but you may not know why. But, the reason why is simply not having the proper knowledge on what things actually work with women.

Consider the following:

If you have been definite answers as to why women were ever attracted to men would give you the confidence you needed to interact with them?

And, what if you understood that attraction was not a choice for women but something that just happens. And that attraction happens when a man builds it.

At first this may seem impossible but have you ever noticed that when an attractive woman walks into the room everyman turns their head and looks? 

Even those men were sitting happily next to their wives will sneak a peek. And when women notice a lot of the time men simply respond with something like “it’s only natural, look at her”

But what are women attracted to? Women are significantly attracted to men based on their behavior. If you understand what behaviors are most attractive to women you can begin to build that magnetic attraction to them. If you understand what behaviors are most attractive you can tap into this and gain more confidence so that interacting with women and talking with them becomes decidedly easier.

When you have the skill and you learn through trial and error what is effective, your confidence level will simply become a natural state of mind. Now that you realize you have all of the confidence you need buried somewhere deep inside of you it is time to figure out what works best so that you can enhance your interactions using that confidence.

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