Putting together the project team is a vital part of making any project successful and hence without the right people in place, the project will not go very far.

You need to spend the correct amount of time at the beginning of the project reviewing the team and determining who belongs and who does not—and those are not easy decisions.

The plan should describe how the team is brought up to speed, how it will be placed into the project and how everyone will be organized.

Everyone should have a clear understanding of who is making decisions, who can help them work through any issues and who is assigning the work from a high-level viewpoint.

You need to have a solid management plan in place in order to staff the project correctly and here RedLeo Software employs Project Managers with extensive experience in the IT industry, which has managed the development and implementation of several complex applications.

If your organization is only looking for a temporary staffing solution, there are two additional options where RedLeo Software will help you:

Staff Augmentation
Where a contractor is brought in and paid by the hour and Redleo manages that to get the project done.

Managed Service
where the RedLeo Software uses their own staff to complete the necessary duties.

RedLeo Software expertise in a variety of project management environments, including:

  • Enterprise Solutions (ERP/CRM/SCM/EAI/D&WM)

  • Web Development

  • Data Warehousing

  • Systems Integration

  • Infrastructure Management